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    • Anderson Jockey Lot South´s <br/> Biggest and World´s Best Flea Market!
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    Anderson Jockey Lot is the South's Biggest and World's Best Flea Market!

    Anderson Jockey Lot
    4530 Highway 29 N
    Belton, South Carolina

    Market Hours:
    Open Every Saturday & Sunday
    Rain Or Shine all year round!
    Saturday: 7AM - 5PM
    Sunday: 8AM - 5PM

    Office Hours:
    Friday: 9AM - 5PM
    Saturday: 7AM - 5PM
    Sunday: 8AM - 5PM

    Phone: 864 224 2027

    Welcome to the Anderson Jockey Lot and Farmers' Market

    For over 40 years, the Anderson Jockey Lot has been bringing small business to bargain shoppers. Every weekend over 1500 professional, hobby and yard sale dealers offer on over 65 acres everything you can imagine:

    • Fresh produce
    • Technology, automotive components
    • Art from picture over crafts to floral
    • Pets and small farm animal
    • House, home, graden, farm items
    • Tools and hardware
    • Books, video and music
    • Yard sale items from trash to treasure and More
    Testimonials from our Shoppers
    Five Stars
    • Absolutely huge flea market! Variety of offerings. Found a great selection of vintage books that I snatched right up! That alone made the visit well worth it.
      Melissa Green

    • Love to go here, got a little of everything. New and used, fruit and vegetables, animals anything you want. Nice place to sell too
      Tammy Bonner

    • Love this place. You can get many items for cheap while getting something to eat. Vendors are nice and friendly.
      Henry G

    • We visited the Jockey Lot on our first visit back to Anderson County in 20 years. The jockey lot has not changed an iota in that time. It was a great cultural experience for our kids, and we bought a lot of fresh produce at such a great price. Totally worth a visit, whether you're looking for a new puppy, a box of shopping cart wheels, or fresh fruits and vegetables.
      Kelly Mateja

    • Anything you could possibly need you can find at the Jockey Lot but it will take more than one day to get through everything
      Jacky Crincoli

    • Fun place to spend a few hours at. You can usually find some good deals on things you can't find other places.
      Charlie Wooten

    • Always enjoy coming here, so many vendors such a good variety of new and used items, usaully have to take items to vehicle then go back to shopping. Never know what your gonna find.
      Roxanne Kotlowski

    • Love flea markets, this one of course has a little of everything, just remember the earlier you get there the better!!!
      Tracey Crump